Methods and treatement principles

Diagnosis and treatment are based on principles of Yin and Yang.

All objects and phenomena in nature contain these two energies, which balance each other and change cyclically. Night / day, winter / summer, cold / heat, etc.

Illness - is an imbalance between Yin and Yang.

A comprehensive and well-thought-out diagnostic system allows you to determine the cause of imbalance in the body. Methods for its elimination are selected taking into account the nature of the disease, the patient's constitution, his/her emotional state and lifestyle.



Blood moves through the vessels of the body.

In a similar way, vital energy Qi, which nourishes, warms and protects circulates in our body through invisible channels - meridians.

In certain places, it is concentrated near the surface of the body. These are acupuncture points.

By acting on them, for example, with thin needles, pressing or heating, the doctor returns balance to the body which eliminates the disease.

This method is best for eliminating pain, cold, fatigue, and mental imbalance.

For treatment to be successful, it must be done regularly over a period of time. The course is individual, on average 10-15 procedures 1-3 times a week, then less often. 


PHYTOTHERAPY (herbal medicine)

Treatment with herbs, mushrooms or minerals is based on formulations compiled thousands of years ago. Each recipe consists of several herbs that have a specific function and effect on selected organs.

Unlike Western medicines, herbs do not suppress the symptoms but cause the body to return to the pre-illness state.

Herbal treatment is especially effective for organ diseases and conditions of severe exhaustion, when it is necessary to "top up fuel".

The duration of treatment depends on the type and stage of the disease. A cold can be cured in a couple of days whereas chronic diseases will require longer-term treatement.



"As soon as the stomach and spleen work well, any disease can be cured," says a Chinese proverb.

These two organs daily convert the food we eat into life Chi, which nourishes the entire body. Its balance depends on the correct or incorrect choice of products, i.e. the health of our body.

Chinese dietetics does not count calories, but chooses foods based on their temperature properties, taste, effect on certain organs, cooking method, season, time of day and the nature of the disease.

Proper nutrition, control over emotions, adequate sleep and movement are the main secrets of Chinese longevity (Yang Sheng Fa).



External beauty cannot last long-term without the internal health of the body.

Therefore, acupuncture lifting not only visibly smoothes wrinkles, but also eliminates the cause of skin aging. Thus provides a more lasting effect in contrast to classic modern procedures.

Wrinkles on the face are treated with miniature needles, and systemic treatment consisting of the use of herbal mixtures, systemic acupuncture and dietary adjustments, eliminates the cause of their occurrence.
The course includes 6 procedures 1x per week.




Warming up acupuncture points or painful areas of the body with moxa- wormwood cigars.


Cupping or vacuum cupping relieves pain and tension.


A scraping massage improves blood circulation, relieves swelling and removes toxins.


"Su" = hand, "Jock" = leg.

This method uses micro-systems of hands and feet, on which our entire body is reflected in miniature.

Imagine, your knee hurts, you put pressure on the point on your hand that corresponds to the knee and the pain disappeares instantly. Miracle? Undoubtedly. This is a gift from our Creator to each of us, so that people can help themselves at any time, because our hands and feets are always ''with us''.

The method not only relieves pain, but also helps with chronic diseases. It is so easy to master (even a child can master it), helps quickly, often instantly, is absolutely safe and costs nothing.

The patient can himself act on the points with mox (heating), ice, magnet, color and seeds. But in the clinic, an experienced therapist will act on these points and stimulate them with mini needles.



All diseases come from stress and negative emotions, everyone knows this.

The English doctor Bach compiled 38 essences from non-toxic flowers, shrubs and trees, the combination of which helps to eliminate mental stress  and restore harmony, and thus physical health.

These essences can be used once, for example when we feel anger, fear, sadness or fatigue. And also regularly when negative emotions are more permanent.
The effect occurs very quickly, often within minutes and in the case of chronic imbalance - within a week.

They are used in the form of drops, are not addictive and have no contraindications. They help adults, children (and newborns), pregnant women, and even animals and plants, which refutes the placebo effect and confirms their effectiveness.


Before starting treatment ...

In traditional Chinese medicine, the patient is actively involved in the entire treatment process and thus contributes to its success.

Chinese Medicine WILL HELP you if ...

  • You feel like it's time to address the cause, not just mask the symptoms.
    Are you getting tired of suppressing pain with analgesics, which are slowly ceasing to work or are not helping you anymore?
  • You have studied various natural healing systems but are not sure which one truly works
    Chinese medicine is 4,000 years old. Could a system that is not effective survive so long and help so many generations?
  • You are running around doctors, diagnoses and medications are just increasing, but there are no results and you are still not feeling well.
    Or did the doctors say that there is no more they can do for you?
  • In the morning you cannot get out of bed and in the afternoon you feel so tired
    Maybe you are still not sick, but one cold replaces another and you feel that something is going wrong here?
  • You are ready to change your routine and invest in your own health.
    Because even the best methods won't work without your actions.

Chinese Medicine WILL NOT HELP you if ...

  • You are waiting for a wonderful "pill" that will work without your efforts.
    Doctors treat diseases, but health must be mined by ourselves.
  • You are impatient and expect results immediately after the first visits.
    The Chinese experience says: "The healing will last for at least the same number of months of how many years the disease has existed."
  • You don't want to invest in your own health.
    Then you'd better run to the pharmacy again, maybe this time the pain reliever "for a while" will help.
  • You are a skeptic and do not believe in "invisible" energy healing.
    There are both visible and invisible methods in Chinese medicine, but your efforts and FAITH in healing are the main prerequisites for successful treatment!

Chinese medicine and its methods have existed for a very long time and it depends only on you if you decide to trust it as billions of other people before you did...